Dental Insurance and Billing Concerns/Questions:


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At LiveWell Dentistry, it is always our pleasure to assist the best that we can to help you maximize your dental insurance benefits. We will file the claim to your dental insurance carrier for services rendered. Please note that when we verify eligibility and benefits, it is based upon the information you provide and it is not a guarantee of payment by your insurance company.

Furthermore, any treatment that is prescribed by the doctor for your dental needs is specifically for your health and the estimate of cost is based on the information provided by your insurance carrier. It is not a guarantee of insurance coverage for services.

Please remember that the contract itemizing dental benefits is an agreement between you, your employer, and your insurance carrier. If your insurance company does not pay within 120 days of service, or they pay less than anticipated for any reason, you then become responsible for the outstanding balance for services rendered. It is then up to you to seek reimbursement from your insurance carrier. Remember, that insurance plans are not designed to cover all of your prescribed dental needs. If you are unhappy with what your insurance company has paid or with lack of payment you may report your concerns to your insurance provider or file a complaint with the PA Insurance Department at Please remember that your payment is still due even if you choose to file a complaint against your insurance company. Thank you.