Dr. Kancharla, Wexford Dentist

Dr. Kancharla DDS, Best Dentist in Wexford, PA 15090

Background and Credentials

Dr. Kancharla uses his extensive experience to provide the next level of dental care in a gentle, compassionate and professional manner. In 2011, he received his D.D.S (Doctor of Dental Surgery) degree from New York University. While there, he served on a variety of committees and received honors in "Orofacial Pain Management”. He researched on relation between "Periodontal diseases and Diabetes” and gave presentations on national and international conferences.

Following dental school, he continued his education and kept up-to-date with changes in dentistry by attending continuing education courses in Implantology and cosmetic dentistry. Prior to settling down in Pittsburgh with his wife and daughter he worked for 4yrs in private practice in Chicago and Ohio.

Out side the dental office, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, travelling to various parts of the world.